The PS3 is…


Earlier today,  reports came in that many PS3s were not able to connect to the PSN. Starting off as a query for some people as to why they could not connect, soon many others began updating their various Social Networking sites with exclamations that they could not only not connect to PSN, they were not able to start up some recent games with trophies and their dates had somehow gone back to New Year’s Eve, 1999.

This, however, was no cause for celebration, with it later emerging that only original PS3 systems, not Slims or 80GBs were affected. The reason for this was confirmed by the official Playstation Blog to be an error within the PS3′s clock functionality, presumably due to the clock assuming it was a leap year, and no date of 29/02/10 being found on the older models.

The Editor of OPM has confirmed through his twitter feed that as of 23:50 tonight, his PS3 is up and running with a normal date, with many other sources confirming this. We should be able to sign back in to PSN, play our trophy games and relax. This is obviously good news, but shows that a little error in a system can cause havoc, with major news sites reporting on this as if it were the end of Playstation itself.

With that over, let’s all sit back and remember the day that was February 29th 2010. Or was it?